“This Is How We Do It”

Hello all and welcome (officially) to the website and blog of Austin Stockert Photography. This isn’t Austin writing, but he is editing it and anxiously watching over my shoulder as I type. I am one of Austin’s classmates in a Social Media class in college and along with Austin and two other classmates, we are busy creating an online presence for him and his photography business and dream. We all wanted to officially say “welcome” to the site and “thank-you” for joining us along this journey.

As we began this process of increasing the online presence of Austin Stockert Photography (ASP), we all four thought to ourselves, “What is the best way to showcase Austin’s brand name and photography to the world while simultaneously making the most of all of our skills?” In that process we decided that by creating both a Facebook and an Instagram account it would best promote ASP on social media so we set to work on branding the name and the photos and showing the social media world all about Austin and his photos. We also thought that by creating a website we would be able to best serve Austin’s customers (both the ones who already know him and also the future customers he will get) and have a platform to show off his photos and his personality. We also wanted to creatively express some of the thoughts behind his ideas for the photos he took and the reason he chose the settings, so we turned to a blog to show off. Basically, we want to show off Austin and his amazing photography skills so we are busy, busy, busy working out the details and enhancing his brand.

In regards to the photo above, some of you are probably wondering, “Why is Austin shirtless in a random bathtub with a dust mask on?” And to you I say: good question. As a group (minus Austin) we collectively chose to use this as our first photo on the website because of how unique it was and how much it showed Austin’s personality. The photo was taken at an abandoned asylum named San Haven in North Dakota. There are plenty of other photos (that you will see soon) from his day spent there but the reason he is sitting in the tub is because it was the only appliance in the building that was not destroyed or cracked. Austin took this as a prime opportunity to jump on in the tub and catch a photo of his adventurous day spent in the asylum.

Like I mentioned before, this project started from a class in college, but it will continue for as long as Austin wants to keep his business. Enjoy your time spent on the website, we hope the photos are ones that intrigue you and inspire you to see beauty and curiosity in every situation.

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