(Disc) Golf

Here’s a quick question…

Is it disc golf? Or Frisbee golf? Or frolf?

For me and my friends it is known as disc golf, and I think it should be for you too. Just looking at the name “disc golf” it explains the whole concept perfectly. A disc is a smaller version of a Frisbee so I can see why some might get confused and say, “Frisbee golf”, but that doesn’t justify the misuse of words. See, a Frisbee is one of those things that you take to the park with you on a sunny afternoon and lightly toss around with your friends and family, but a disc is so much more different. A disc is a competition. It is the whole identity behind the sport. It is not a gentle skip through the woods, but an all out battle to get the lowest score on the course. Frolf doesn’t make sense either because it combines the words “Frisbee” and “golf” and I already showed you why this adventure is so much more than just a Frisbee toss. A disc is the source of swift and sleek power; one that can’t be topped.

To me, disc golf is an intense sport that, much like regular golf, requires more than just physical stability to succeed; it takes mental toughness to conquer each course. With each hole comes a new challenge, but also another opportunity to succeed. It is such a beautiful sound to hear my disc hit the chains of the basket after a long, thought-out vision of the path I will need to take. I’m more of a day-time competitor, but sometimes the glow of the neon disc is just an incredible sight! Plus, I’ve always wanted to capture with my camera the flight path of a disc but I was never able to until I bought a light-up disc and threw it at night.

An interesting fact about this photo is that it was my first practice at long exposure photography. Unless you are a photography person you probably don’t know exactly what that is so let me explain. I set my camera on a tripod and used a longer shutter to capture the moving light across the scene before me. This can be done with pretty much any source of light that is moving but no moving light is the same, so it can really produce a once in a lifetime piece of art. This photo was about a ten-second capture length and for my first attempt, I am really proud with how it turned out.

Let me know what you and your friends refer to “disc golf” as or if you have any questions about capturing a photo like this. Also check out some of the other photos on my page, I just uploaded some of my favorite ones!

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  1. Disc golf, frolf, frisbee golf… it’s all the same. I call it disc golf because “Frisbee” is a brand, and no one except those “in the know”, know what Frolf means.

    Whatever you want to call it, Disc Golf is amazing. I post videos of courses that I go to all the time. Disc is like my “Zen Sport”. Hiking, nature, sunshine … what else could you ask for in a recreational activity?


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